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Shipping Costs

Shipping Costs

Your order will normally be shipped within 3 working days of received payment. If your item is not in stock you will be informed of the exact waiting time. Shipping times will vary on the Royal Mail's ability to get to their destination. Customised products can take longer and you will receive a time-line estimate with your quote.

Post and packaging is free within the UK and is offered at a subsidised rate everywhere else.

At the checkout you must choose one of the three options below for the shipping menu.

United Kingdom

Post and packaging is free within the UK. Choose UK for shipping options


Choose Germany for any orders within the EU (Excluding UK)

Outside The EU

Choose United States for anywhere in the rest of the world

You must choose one of the 3 options above in the drop down shipping menu or your order will not be processed

If you are still unsure please enquire using the contact form provided